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All over the world human rights defenders are the first to be targeted by governments to subjugate the voices that expose human rights violations or express dissent. These are the voices that are first to be silenced.
— Hina Jilani, Chair, ICHRP Board of Directors
My strong plea to all international actors would be to not be deterred from supporting marginalized groups when those who have traditionally held power and social status criticize outsiders for supporting them.
— Ian Martin, former ICHRP Council Member

In support of the 2010 Human Rights Day theme human rights defenders who act to end discrimination, the ICHRP lends its voice to support human rights defenders and to speak up against discrimination.

While we focus today on the scourge of discrimination, the problem continues every day of the year, and the ICHRP is ready to lend its support and to provide a foundation of solid, independent research for human rights defenders and for those who wish to speak up and take action to end discrimination in all its forms whenever and wherever it is manifested.

Review our projects or contact us to see how you can share your voice and speak up!

Hina Jilani (Pakistan)

Director, AGHS Legal Aid

Ian Martin (United Kingdom)

Human Rights Activist
Jessica Montell (Israel) )

Executive Director, B’Tselem
Usha Ramanathan (India)

Independent Law Researcher
Fateh Azzam (Palestine)

Regional Representative for OHCHR in the Middle East
Marco Sassoli (Switzerland)

Professor of International Law at the University of Geneva
Fouad Abdelmouni (Morocco)

Executive Director, Al Amana
Emma Playfair (United Kingdom)

Human Rights Activist
Roberta Clarke (Trinidad and Tobago)

Regional Programme Director, UNIFEM Caribbean Office
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