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Status: Published

Media: reporting human rights issues (2002)



MediaHow do journalists select and cover human rights stories? How can one avoid bias or distortion of human rights information? Addressing these questions, this report examines the news and reporting process and its relations with human rights organisations. It assesses the difficulties of communicating complex human rights issues accurately and suggests ways in which coverage of human rights could be improved.

Research team




“Finally, a thorough examination of how human rights issues and stories relate to media coverage.
This should prompt all the players involved to rethink their goals and values,
to work more comprehensively towards a positive result.” Riz Khan, journalist, former host of CNN’s “Q&A with Riz Khan”

“Excellent … demonstrates with piercing analysis the need for the human rights movement to better inform and deploy the media in the human rights campaign. The report will for long remain the baseline on which the media and human rights movement judge their collaboration.” Makau Mutua, Director of the Human Rights Center, State University of New York